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Exclusively as part of the Urban Plates app

Plate Pass is a membership-based program available exclusively on the Urban Plates app. It makes all individual entrees purchased on our app for takeout and dine-in $10 for the duration of the membership. The program runs from 3/1/2021 to 4/30/2021 (two months) and it costs $20 for that period (equivalent of $10/month). Members can purchase a Plate Pass membership from the Urban Plates app between 12:00 noon 2/23/2021 and 11:59 PM 3/5/2021 (times in Pacific time).
The Plate Pass price for entrees will be applied to the member's order when they checkout with the app. The prices you see in the app while you shop will be the regular menu price, but will be adjusted to $10 during your checkout. You do not need to apply a promotion code, the Plate Pass discount will automatically be applied if you have a membership. The key things to remember when using Plate Pass are:

  • All individual entrees included: The $10 pricing applies to all individual entrees. An individual entrée is defined as a single meal for an individual person. Our menu has over 20 individual entrees across four sections (plates, salads, sandwiches, and bowls). All individual entrees receive the Plate Pass membership benefit. Family meals (including the 12 Tender Feast), catering items, and bundled meals (for example the Valentine’s Day 3-Course bundle for two) are not part of the Plate Pass program. Add-ons added to an entree (for example adding avocado to a salad or adding protein), beverages, and desserts are regular menu price.
  • Up to 15 entrees at one time: There is a limit of fifteen, $10 entrees at one time, on one order (the program is not meant for catering).
  • Only valid on purchases with the Urban Plates app: Plate Pass is only valid for purchases made through the Urban Plates app. Members must use the app to order and pay to receive the Plate Pass discount.
  • Plate Pass is available for take-out or dine-in visits: Plate Pass is available for take-out AND dine-in purchases through the Urban Plates app. Every table at Urban Plates has a sticker on it containing the table number. When you place an order through the app and select “dine-in”, the app will prompt you for the table number. Enter the table number from the sticker on your table, complete your order, pay, and we’ll bring the food to you. It’s like dining at a traditional restaurant because the app becomes your server.


Step 1:
Download the Urban Plates app (if you already have the Urban Plates app, skip to Step 2).

  1. Download app for iOS (if you have an Apple device)
  2. Download app for Android (you have an Android device)

Step 2:
Create an Urban Plates account within the ap (if you already have an account, skip to step 3).

Step 3:
Log into your Urban Plates account within the app.

Step 4:
Purchase Plate Pass within the app by 11:59 AM Pacific on 3/5/2021.

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