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Urban Plates Gives Back

Since our inception, we’ve contributed to and supported local charities and schools around our restaurants, and as long as we’re in business we always will.

We’d love to help every worthwhile charity and organization around us, but the simple fact of the matter is that we can’t—so we’ve created these guidelines to help identify those where we can do the most good.

Urban Plates will focus its support on the following:

  • Schools within 5 miles of our restaurants
  • Children’s hospitals
  • Youth based charities
  • Youth outreach programs
  • Food and agriculture-based programs

Our Typical Donation:

  • Gift card of $25

Minimum lead time:
A minimum of 6 weeks prior to the event or donation due date.


  • Must be a registered non-profit and must supply proof of tax-exempt status
  • Admin costs must be below 30% (charitywatch.org)
  • Subject to availability, we can provide up to one donation per calendar year to qualifying organizations
  • Each donation is evaluated on a case by case basis

We appreciate the opportunity to participate with your organization.

Urban Plates will not support organizations that discriminate against a person or a group on the basis of gender, ethnicity, age, race, national origin, disability, political affiliation, sexual orientation or religious belief.

Urban Plates Charitable Donation Form

Do you have comments or questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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