Interested in Joining

At Urban Plates, we believe that our success depends on earning and keeping a fanatical bond with Our People, one plate at a time. Our goal is to be a great place to work where you can grow, learn, and develop both personally and professionally.

If you think you have what it takes to be a part of Team UP, then we invite you to look at us a little closer, get to know what we expect of you, what you can expect from us and get started in our hiring process.

Interested in a Career

Our Goal is to be a great place to work where you can grow, learn and develop both personally and professionally. We know you have options in choosing a place to work and we also respect your time. So, before you go through the hiring process, please review the 5 Promises we expect from all of our Team Members below to ensure that we are a good fit for you.

Earn It!
Take nothing for granted and earning your place on the Team every day. Bringing the best of who you are to each moment, being fun to work with, and doing your job to the very best of your ability with a high degree of urgency. Coming to work each day on time, focused and ready to work the whole shift with a great attitude. Being coachable and eager to learn, open to feedback, and willing to apply what you have learned.

Own It!
Acting like an owner, seeking out ways we can both be better, identifying problems, and taking responsibility to solve them in ways that are consistent with our Core Values and Business Basics. Being resourceful, using the tools we have provided, and creating what you need if it doesn’t exist. Investing in your future by finding and taking advantage of opportunities to learn new skills and learn as much as possible about our business. Making good choices, being self-reliant, and being someone we can rely on.

Think About It!
Using our Core Values to guide your choices, keeping our Business Basics firmly in mind, using your head before your hands, thinking before you speak and act, and playing by the rules. Keeping Our Purpose in mind, taking responsible risks, and learning from your mistakes.

Work as a Team!
Looking for opportunities to be of service to others, offering your help before it is needed, asking for help before it is too late, acting in ways that make you the go-to member of the Team. Understanding your role in creating a compelling Guest experience, teaching what you have learned to your fellow Team Members, communicating clearly and completely, and ensuring you listen to understand.

Show My Pride!
Taking pride in where you work and what we do, speaking well of Urban Plates and Our People, treating all Our People with respect, and always remembering that the Urban Plates brand depends on what you say, and even more on what you do, every day.

How Did

If you were able to agree with each of these statements, you may be a good fit for us. If you are still interested, look at the positions below to get started!