Spring has sprung, the weather is brightening and the chefs at Urban Plates have put together a Spring Menu that will lift your spirits and carry you cheering out of Winter!

We are thrilled to introduce a unique selection of brand new dishes and delighted to bring back some fan favorites that you’ve been asking for. Our Spring seasonal offerings continue our tradition of introducing menu items that reflect our commitment to serving high-quality dishes at affordable prices. We want to empower our guests to eat the way that fits them and their families, and that means keeping things exciting and fresh – so prepare your tastebuds for a Spring menu that delivers plenty of both!


Miso Barramundi Sea Bass

Miso Barramundi Sea BassBarramundi is a sea bass native to Australia and the Indo-Pacific region, and is often referred to as “Asian Sea Bass.” The word “barramundi” is Aboriginal for “large-scaled silver fish” and this lean protein source is a mild but flavorful white fish perfect for spring plates. And while it has only half the calories of salmon, barramundi provides surprisingly healthy levels of Omega-3 fatty acids.

What’s more, if you like miso, you’ll love this sustainably-harvested sea bass, which is marinated for 8-hours in our signature sauce, then baked and topped with our house-made, dairy-free Sesame Ginger Lemongrass Sauce.

And while all of our sides are made to complement this protein, we recommend pairing it with organic white rice, organic brown rice, asparagus or our new Harissa Cauliflower (introduction below).

Thai Shrimp Salad

Thai Shrimp SaladOur new Thai Shrimp Salad is a light, crunchy tossed salad hearty enough to satisfy even the largest of appetites. We start by marinating large skewered shrimp in garlic, lemongrass, ginger and sesame oil, and then cooking them to fluffy perfection.

To build the salad, we mix our UP lettuce blend with organic tomatoes, scallions, cucumber, daikon, red bell pepper, and pickled shiitake mushrooms. We top it off with glass noodles, cilantro, and crispy wontons, then drizzle that medley with green siracha sauce and scratch-made Miso Lemongrass Mint Dressing. And for the finishing touch, we garnish your dish with those skewers of plump, juicy shrimp for a culinary experience your taste buds will never forget.

Chickpea and Kale Soup

Chickpea and Kale SoupOur Chickpea and Kale Soup is an excellent choice for those with uncompromising dietary demands. Full of flavor and gluten-free, this mouthwatering dish is also dairy-free, and vegan. We combined cooked chickpeas, black kale, vegetable stock, coconut milk, and a unique blend of savory spices to make this refreshing soup a first choice, even on warm spring days.

Cantaloupe Pineapple Mango Replenisher

Cantaloupe Pineapple Mango ReplenisherWhile we wave goodbye to our Pomegranate Cranberry Apple Replenisher from the Winter menu, we welcome a new fruity beverage aboard. We use fresh organic chunks of Cantaloupe, Pineapple, and Mango and combine them with Organic Apple Juice to create a vibrant, vegan beverage free of gluten and dairy.


Harissa Cauliflower

We like to think we started the Harissa trend, and to celebrate that pioneering spirit, we are bringing this hot side dish back for the Spring lineup.

Commonly used in popular Moroccan cuisine, Harissa is a Tunisian Chile Paste made of dried chiles, olive oil, and garlic. We’re adding this bold sauce to pan-roasted cauliflower and zucchini, to spice up your spring time!

Coconut Lemon Cake

Coconut Lemon CakeWe are temporarily retiring our winter Fresh Apple Layer Cake and replacing it with a resounding favorite of Urban Plates regulars – our Coconut Lemon Cake!

This delicious made-from scratch dessert is made of coconut cake layers, lemon curd, coconut cream filling, lemon frosting, and is covered in toasted coconut. The cliff notes on this cake is simple: lots of lemon, lots of coconut.

We take great pride in offering our guests a rotating menu of delicious, seasonal dishes that shake up routines and open minds (and palates) to new and exciting culinary adventures. Enjoy our new seasonal Spring menu selections!



Chef Jim