Caprese Sandwich

As the weather warms and the sun starts getting closer, the awesome tomatoes are coming back, so we are adding a Caprese Sandwich to the menu. The island of Caprice in the Mediterranean is known for its plump tomatoes, its pungent Basil and its soft creamy Mozzarella Cheese. The cheese you would get on Caprice is made from Buffalo milk, and we can’t get that done, but our mozzarella is from DiStefano, which is a local legend in the cheese world. We marinate it for at least 12 hours to put even more flavor into it. The Caprese Sandwich is light and refreshing. It has whole leaf basil, a nice handful of wild Arugula and our vegan Pesto to bolster the basil flavor. We added a few sliced cherry peppers to the sandwich for a little kick in the pants and another layer of flavor. We serve it on a freshly grilled piece of La Brea bakery rustic sandwich bread. This is a classic, familiar flavor profile turned up a little with the addition of our pesto, the peppers and grilling the bread ala minute. It is the PERFECT sandwich for a warm day as we get into summer time.

Herb Salmon Bibb Entrée Salad

The new entrée salad running this season is a chilled herb-poached salmon salad. It is made with organic Bibb lettuce stacked up with tomatoes, onion, and bell peppers, all tossed in our made from scratch Green Goddess dressing. We serve it with a hard-boiled egg and a side of grilled bread. It is a plate you would find at a fine dining restaurant because it takes great equipment and a real cook’s hand to get it right. It is a thing of beauty and it is a phenomenal combination of flavors. This is one of those dishes that as chefs, we want to stand up and applaud. We have to nail every step of this for it to be right….but we do…and it is so so right. Very upscale, very French influenced, bright, fresh and delicious.

Heaven and Hell Cake

Last but not least, our cakes are rotating as well. We have a new made from scratch “Heaven and Hell” cake. The layers alternate between Angel food and Devil’s food layers (see what we did there?) with a peanut butter cream cheese frosting. Light and fluffy layers of chocolate and vanilla are surrounded by peanut butter and a garnish of spicy peanuts on the outside of the cake…yes, spicy peanuts…they are bold, but perfect with the cake.

Salmon and Shiitake Mushroom Soup

We have a new Asian-inspired dish on the soup station. It is a hot and sour base with shiitake mushrooms, daikon, peppers, carrots, onions and our sustainably sourced salmon as the protein. We are very proud of the culinary roots being shown on this dish. Be very sure to get a taste of this offering – it is beyond description really. You must taste it to appreciate the flavors involved. Very satisfying.

Honey-Glazed Beets and Organic Carrots

Our chefs have created this flavorful side dish by combining honey-glazed, organic multi-colored carrots, and golden beets. We roast everything in the oven and finish them in a sauté` pan with the glaze and a bit of parsley to finish. Springtime really is the best season for carrots even though they grow all year. They are tender and full of flavor this time of year.

Wild Organic Blueberry Limeade

The new Wild Organic Blueberry Limeade Replenisher updates our beverage menu for the spring season. It’s not-too-sweet, with Kaffir lime and hints of ginger – a nice way to crush out a thirst with fresh organic limeade that is well balanced and very quenching.

We are glad to serve you and we hope to see you soon. Thank you.