• Hand Tossed Salads

    scratch made dressing & chargrilled rustic bread
    gluten free – please request no bread, wontons, or croutons


    grilled free range chicken $3grilled grass fed steak $4 grilled wild caught albacore $4oven baked salmon $5 coconut lime tofu $3

    * prices apply only when added to salads
  • nicoise  

    up lettuce blend, green beans, organic egg, organic tomatoes, potatoes, capers, marinated olives, mustard-champagne vinaigrette

    • Price9
  • asian  

    up lettuce blend, arugula, organic carrots, green onions, oranges, spicy roasted peanuts, crispy wontons, red bell peppers, cilantro, spicy peanut dressing

    • Price9
  • Antioxidant  

    up lettuce blend, organic baby kale, cucumbers, celery, mint, pickled onions, raw walnuts, grapes, blue cheese, seasonal fruit, mint-lemongrass balsamic vinaigrette

    • Price10
  • desert southwest  

    organic romaine, corn, black beans, grilled onions, avocado, organic cheese blend, crispy wontons, red bell pepper, chipotle-lime dressing

    • Price9
  • caesar

    organic romaine, organic baby kale, organic tomatoes, garlic croutons, shaved asiago, caesar dressing

    • Price9
  • cobb

    up lettuce blend, organic tomatoes, turkey bacon, avocado, organic egg, blue cheese, buttermilk dill dressing

    • Price10
  • local mixed beet  

    arugula, up lettuce blend, roasted tomatoes, organic carrot, jicama, raw walnuts, hemp seeds, goat cheese, preserved lemon vinaigrette

    • Price9
  • Caribbean    

    up lettuce blend, pineapple-mango salsa, jicama, mint, coconut roasted cashews, mild jalapeno-lime dressing

    • Price9
  • Plates

    served with any 2 sides & chargrilled rustic bread
    gluten free – please request no bread

  • grass fed steak with house made chimichurri sauce

    grilled medium rare

    • Price13
  • Wild Caught Albacore with House Made Miso Sauce

    grilled rare

    • Price12
  • grilled free range chicken  

    herb marinated

    • Price12

    grilled rare

    • Price12
  • grilled Grass Fed steak 

    served medium rare

    • Price13
  • turkey meatloaf  

    house made bbq sauce
    contains GLUTEN

    • Price12
  • oven baked salmon 

    honey mustard sauce

    • Price14
  • 4 up

    any 4 sides

    • Price12
  • Seasonal Sides

    a la carte $4

  • sides

    roasted rosemary potatoes     / mashed potatoes Made with organic potatoes   / roasted brussels sprouts with turkey bacon   / harissa cauliflower & zucchini    / macaroni & cheese 

  • chilled sides

    beet salad   (without goat cheese)   / garden tomato mozzarella salad   / fruit salad    / Side house salad   / Side Caesar salad 

  • Hand-Carved Sandwiches

    on grilled rustic bread & includes chips
    add any side $3

  • grilled wild caught albacore 

    up lettuce mix and chimichurri aioli

    • Price9
  • grilled portobello mushroom 

    marinated portobello mushroom, pesto goat cheese, zucchini, red bell peppers, red onion, arugula

    • Price9
  • grilled free range chicken 

    slow roasted tomatoes & orange-basil aioli

    • Price9
  • grilled Grass fed steak 

    slow roasted tomatoes & chimichurri aioli

    • Price10
  • free range chicken club

    brown sugar chili duroc pork bacon, organic tomato, pickled onion, up lettuce mix, garlic aioli, white cheddar cheese

    • Price10
  • Seasonal Specials

  • Greens (no protein) & cup of soup

    cobb & antioxidant $11

    • Price10
  • Sandwich a la carte & cup of soup

    grilled steak or chicken club $11

    • Price10
  • braises & stews

    organic brown or white rice & chargrilled rustic bread

  • braised beef & mushrooms

    natural beef slow cooked with red wine sauce, mushrooms, onions, organic carrots

    • Price11
  • vegetable curry  

    organic tofu slow cooked with green curry-coconut sauce, organic carrots, zucchini, red peppers, ginger, onions, garlic, lime

    • Price11
  • moroccan chicken braise  

    free range chicken slow cooked with squash, onions, preserved lemon, olives, turmeric, paprika, cumin, ginger, cinnamon, parsley, cilantro

    • Price11
  • Seasonal Soups

    made from scratch

  • chicken vegetable 

    organic carrots, organic tomatoes, onions, celery, seasonal vegetables, fresh herbs, parmesan cheese (without Parmesan) 

    • Price5/3.5
  • tomato basil  

    organic tomatoes, coconut milk, pesto, croutons (without croutons) 

    • Price5/3.5
  • pizzettes

    organic dough

  • margherita  

    organic tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, garlic, basil

    • Price5.5
  • pepperoni & cheese

    organic cheese blend, organic tomato sauce, pepperoni (nitrate-free)

    • Price5.5
  • bbq chicken

    bbq free range chicken, organic cheese blend, onions, red bell peppers, bbq sauce, cilantro

    • Price5.5
  • portobello & pesto  

    goat cheese, roasted portobello mushroom, grilled zucchini, slow roasted tomatoes, arugula, pesto

    • Price5.5
  • kids meals

    served with organic milk or organic apple juice

  • grilled cheese  

    cheddar cheese on organic wheat bread
    served with fruit salad & chips

    • Price7
  • macaroni & cheese  

    creamy cheddar cheese sauce & pasta
    served with fruit salad & chips

    • Price7
  • pepperoni or cheese pizzette

    organic cheese, organic tomato sauce, pepperoni (nitrate-free)
    served with fruit salad & chips

    • Price7
  • urban kid plate

    choice of grilled free range chicken or grilled steak & any side and chargrilled rustic bread

    • Price8.5
  • Beverages

  • local craft beers

    • Price5.5-6.5
  • local and regional wines

    glasses from $7.5 to $9.5 and bottles starting at $30

    • Price7.5+
  • natural soda

    sweetened with organic cane sugar

    • Price2.5
  • fair trade organic coffee

    • Price2
  • hot teas

    • Price1.5
  • organic iced tea

    • Price2.5
  • replenishers

    • Price4
  • seasonal replenishers

    seasonal green drink

    • Price5.5
  • kombucha

    • Price5.5
  • Bakery

  • Pastries & Baked Goods

    our selection of baked goods includes a variety of made-from-scratch cookies, cupcakes, tarts, layer cakes, cream pies and much more. Gluten free options also available.

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