Plate Pass must be accessed and used through the Urban Plates app
a plate pass membership is only available through the urban plates app. those wishing to become a member must download the urban plates app and create an account. once an account is created, the plate pass subscription can be purchased in the app. all entrée purchases eligible under plate pass must be purchased through the urban plates app.


The Plate Pass is valid for a month from the date it is purchased and will be automatically renewed unless cancelled.
the plate pass shall be valid for a month from the date of purchase (“plate pass period”). the plate pass will automatically renew for additional one-month periods at the end of each monthly billing cycle on the same day of each subsequent month until a member cancels his or her plate pass subscription. for example, if the plate pass is purchased on January 12th, the plate pass period will end on February 11th and the new plate pass period automatically commence on February 12th unless cancelled by the member. the monthly membership fee will be automatically charged at the then applicable rate on a monthly basis to the credit card provided by the member until such time as the member cancels his or her plate pass subscription. the monthly plate pass fee is subject to change, but urban plates will notify the member of any change in advance of any changes.  a member may cancel his or her plate pass at any time by managing his or her account on the Urban Plates’ app or emailing [email protected] cancelled subscriptions are not eligible for a refund and the cancellation becomes effective at the end of the members current plate pass period.


All individual entrées are included
the $11 pricing applies to all individual entrées except those that may be specifically excluded from eligibility from time to time. an individual entrée is defined as a single meal for an individual person. the urban plates menu has over 20 individual entrees across four sections (plates, salads, sandwiches, and bowls). all eligible individual entrees receive the plate pass membership discount. family meals (including the 12 tender feast), catering items, bundled meals (for example the valentine’s day 3-course bundle for two), certain seasonal entrees and limited-time holiday specials (for example the turkey plate for thanksgiving) are not part of the plate pass program. add-ons added to an entree (for example adding avocado to a salad or adding protein), beverages, and desserts are regular menu price. plate pass is not available with any other bundles, discounts or offers.  the $11 entrée pricing for plate pass is subject to all applicable sales taxes and a 3% surcharge that is added to all Urban Plates Dine In and Take Out orders (we use this to provide health benefits to all full-time employees, and it allows us to keep our wages fair and competitive).


Up to 15 entrées at one time
plate pass members can order up to 15 entrees per order through plate pass. members can place as many orders as they like through plate pass during each plate pass period, but the maximum number of entrées per order is limited to 15.


Only valid on purchases with the urban plates app
plate pass is only valid for purchases made through the urban plates app. members must use the app to order and pay to receive the plate pass discount. plate pass is not available for purchases made at the restaurant cash registers, via phone-in orders, through third-party delivery partners, or for catering orders.


Plate Pass is available for take-out and dine-in visits
plate pass is available for take-out and dine-in purchases through the urban plates app. every table at urban plates has a sticker on it containing the table number. when members place an order through the app and select “dine-in”, the app will prompt for the table number. members can enter the table number from the sticker on the table, complete the order, pay, and the food will be brought to the table.


A plate passcode cannot be shared
a member may not share their plate pass membership with others. the program is tied to the app account of the plate pass member and will not work with other accounts.


Plate Pass may not be gifted to another person or user
the plate pass cannot be gifted. it must be purchased by the urban plates app account that will be active in the program.


Plate Pass is not valid for delivery orders
plate pass is not available for delivery orders placed on our app or with 3rd party delivery partners such as doordash, postmates, grubhub, or ubereats.


Plate Pass will not work for catering orders
plate pass is not available for or intended to be used for catering orders.


Acknowledgment of terms
by purchasing a plate pass, the member is agreeing to allow urban plates to charge the recurring monthly plate pass fee to the credit card that the member has provided until such time as the member cancels his or her plate pass. the member is further confirming and acknowledging that he or she has read and agreed to these terms and conditions and understands that the plate pass will automatically renew on a monthly basis unless cancelled and that the terms for cancellation are contained in these terms and conditions.