Plate Pass must be accessed and used through the Urban Plates app
A Plate Pass membership is purchased through the Urban Plates app. Those wishing to become a member must download the Urban Plates App and create an account. On 2/23/21 at noon Pacific time, a link will appear on the Home Page of the App allowing for the purchase of Plate Pass. The pass must be purchased using the account that is associated with the Plate Pass membership. Only one Plate Pass is available for each account and they cannot be transferred to other accounts. Plate Pass will be available for purchase on the Urban Plates app from 12:00 noon Pacific time on 2/23/2021 to 11:59 AM Pacific time on 3/3/2021.

Program term is 3/1/2021 to 4/30/2021
The memberships will go on sale on 2/23/2021 at 12:00 noon Pacific time and be available for purchase until 3/3/2021 at 11:59 AM. There is no limit to the number of members that are being allowed to join the program. The memberships are live from 3/1/2021 to 4/30/2021.

All individual entrees are included
The $10 pricing applies to all individual entrees. An individual entrée is defined as a single meal for an individual person. The Urban Plates menu has over 20 individual entrees across four sections (plates, salads, sandwiches, and bowls). All individual entrees receive the Plate Pass membership discount. Family meals (including the 12 Tender Feast), catering items, and bundled meals (for example the Valentine’s Day 3-Course bundle for two) are not part of the Plate Pass program. Add-ons added to an entree (for example adding avocado to a salad or adding protein), beverages, and desserts are regular menu price. Plate Pass is not available with any other bundles, discounts or offers.

Up to 15 entrees at one time
Plate Pass members can order up to 15 entrees per order within the program. You can place as many orders as you like through Plate Pass during the program term, but the maximum number of entrees per order is limited to 15. There is no limit to the number of entrees that you may purchase through Plate Pass during the program term, only the limit on the number of entrees that you can purchase at one time in one order.

Only valid on purchases with the Urban Plates app
Plate Pass is only valid for purchases made through the Urban Plates app. Members must use the app to order and pay to receive the Plate Pass discount.

Plate Pass is available for take-out or dine-in visits
Plate Pass is available for take-out AND dine-in purchases through the Urban Plates app. Every table at Urban Plates has a sticker on it containing the table number. When you place an order through the app and select “dine-in”, the app will prompt you for the table number. Enter the table number from the sticker on your table, complete your order, pay, and we’ll bring the food to you. It’s like dining at a traditional restaurant because the app becomes your server.

A Plate Passcode cannot be shared
A program member may not share their Plate Pass member with others. The program is tied to the app account of the Plate Pass member and will not work with other accounts.

Plate Pass may not be gifted to another person or user
There is no way that the Plate Pass can be gifted. It must be purchased by the Urban Plates app account that will be active in the program.

Plate Pass is not valid for delivery orders
Plate Pass will not work for delivery orders with 3rd party delivery partners like DoorDash, Postmates, or UberEats: Plate Pass is not available for delivery orders or for orders through 3rd party delivery services (like DoorDash).

Plate Pass will not work for catering orders
Plate Pass is not available for or intended to be used for catering orders.

No cancellations or refunds are available
The Plate Pass program is not subject to cancellation and there are no refunds.

Plate Pass is valid for app purchases at all Urban Plates locations except the North LA delivery only location (230 West Ave. 26, Los Angeles, 90031)
Plate Pass can be used at all Urban Plates locations, but it is only available for non-delivery orders placed through the Urban Plates App. Plate Pass is not available for purchases made at the restaurant cash registers, via phone-in orders, delivery, or catering orders.

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