What is Plate Pass:
Plate Pass is a membership-based program available exclusively on the Urban Plates app. It makes all individual entrees purchase on the app for takeout and dine-in $10 for the duration of the membership. The program runs from 1/1/2021 to 2/28/2021 (two months) and it costs $20 for that period (equivalent of $10/month). There are a limited number of memberships available and they will be offered on a first come first serve basis through the Urban Plates app.

How much is Plate Pass:
The membership is $20 and is valid for two months. This works out to $10 per month. The average individual entrée cost at Urban Plates is approximately $13.50, so the Plate Pass will deliver members an average savings per individual entrée of over 30% or $3.50 per entrée.

How Plate Pass works:
The program is available through the Urban Plates app for dine-in (where available due to C-19 restrictions) and takeout orders. The Plate Pass price for individual entrees will be applied to the member's order when they checkout with the app. The prices seen in the app while shopping will be the regular menu price but will be adjusted to $10 during checkout. You do not need to apply a promotion code; the Plate Pass discount will automatically be applied if you have a membership. The key things to remember when using Plate Pass are that there is a limit of fifteen, $10 entrees at one time, on one order (the program is not meant for catering) and that the membership is available for dine-in (where allowed) and takeout orders (delivery is not part of the program) placed through the Urban Plates app.

How to get Plate Pass:
The Plate Pass membership is purchased through the Urban Plates app. Those wishing to become a member must download the Urban Plates App and create an account. A link to buy Plate Pass is featured on the Home Page of the App and is available for purchase on a first come, first serve basis. The pass must be purchased using the account that is associated with the Plate Pass membership. Only one Plate Pass is available for each account and they cannot be transferred to other accounts.

When is Plate Pass available:
The memberships will go on sale on 12/22/2020 at 12:00 noon Pacific time. They will be offered on a first come first serve basis through the Urban Plates app. There are 2021 memberships being initially available. The memberships are live from 1/1/2021 to 2/28/2021.

What about add on items:
Add-ons added to an entree (for example adding avocado to a salad or adding protein), beverages, and desserts are regular menu price.

Will members be able to renew Plate Pass or will additional memberships be offered:
If the initial pilot program is well received by guests and makes sense for Urban Plates, the program will be extended and expanded.

Why is Urban Plates doing this:
Urban Plates is on a mission to make craveable, wholesome and clean food accessible to all. The Plate Pass program provides our best pricing to guests that agree to a fixed membership fee. We want to feed you as often as you will allow us and the more you dine with us, the more affordable we can make dining. We want to be your second kitchen and at $10 per entrée, we hope you will be challenged to find other dining options that deliver the taste, quality, and wholesomeness of Urban Plates. You get great food for a great price and we expand our ability to make this quality food accessible to more people. It’s a win-win and we thank you for being a pioneer of the program.

How many meals can I order at one time with a Plates Pass?
Plate Pass members can order up to 15 entrees per order within the program. The Plate Pass program is not meant for catering orders.

Can I share my code with someone else?
No, you may not share the code with others. The code is tied to the app account of the Plate Pass member and will not work with other accounts.

Which entrees can I purchase with a Plate Pass?
Subject to availability, you can purchase any individual entree through Plate Pass and it will be $10. Beverages, desserts, and add-ons will all be regular menu price.

Can I give a Plates Pass as a gift to someone else?
No, there is no way that the Plate Pass can be gifted. It must be purchased by the Urban Plates app account that will be active in the program.

Does the Plate Pass work for delivery?
No, Plate Pass is not available for delivery orders or for orders through 3rd party delivery services (like DoorDash).

Does the Plate Pass work for Family Meals or other meal bundles?
No, Plate pass is intended for individual entree purchases and not meal bundles like Family Meals or Holiday Bundles. With Plate Pass, a family can feed four for $40 (four individual entrees costing $10 per entree). The least expensive Urban Plates Family Meal for four is $43.95. Thus, buying four individual entrees through Plate Pass is less expensive than ordering a Family Meal.

Does the Plate Pass work for catering orders?
No, Plate Pass is not available for catering orders.

What if I want to cancel my Plate Pass after I have purchased it?
The initial Plate Pass program is not subject to cancellation and there are no refunds.

At which UP locations is the Plate Pass available?
Plate Pass can be used as all Urban Plates locations.

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