our signature silky mango tart

What better way to finish off an excellent meal than with an awesome dessert? When I want to crush my sweet tooth I head for our mango tart. It is a perfectly crisp tart shell with silky ripe mango held in place with some airy cream. It’s as complex as the mango itself, sweet and sour, plump and smooth. This is one of those items that gives you a choice, you can be decadent from a flavor perspective and conscious from a calorie perspective. The way it’s cut and assembled makes it as gorgeous as a flower. It is a crowd favorite. People buy the whole thing to take to Thanksgiving, a pot luck, an office party or family gatherings and I am sure they claim they made it…I will never tell, I will keep it our little secret. Actually, we take it as a compliment and people will talk about it until the next event when they will ask for it again.  It’s simple, beautiful and delicious, a perfect ending to any meal. Pairs well with champagne…just saying.