Nourishing Heroes

Help fuel the fight.


As we approach another intense fire season, it is imperative that our firefighters and first responders get the right nutrition. Your donation to the Nourishing Heroes program will provide meals to frontline firefighters and first responders, and for every $12 meal sponsored, Urban Plates will donate a second meal.”


How to Sponsor a Meal

Simply add a “Nourishing Heroes Meal” to your online order (look for the red logo), or call or visit your local Urban Plates to donate.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Nourishing Heroes?

Guests can join Urban Plates in nourishing our local heroes by sponsoring a to-go “Nourishing Heroes Meal” for firefighters and first responders. For every meal donation received, Urban Plates will match that meal.

Why is this important?

Good nutrition is more important than ever. It’s critical that our firefighters and first responders have access to the nutritious, healthy food they deserve and that will help them continue their incredible work. Urban Plates’ menu of wholesome and clean food is perfect for nourishing the heroes that we’re all relying on to keep us safe.

How does the program work?

Guests can sponsor a $12 “Nourishing Heroes Meal” from Urban Plates (available online at or via phone orders). For every meal sponsored, Urban Plates will match that meal for a total of two meals delivered for every one donated. Nutritious (and delicious) individually packaged to-go meals will be delivered weekly to local firefighters and first responders.

How much does a Nourishing Heroes Meal cost?

Guests can sponsor a meal for just $12. You may purchase online at, by phone, or when picking up at the restaurant.

What do firefighters and first responders get?

Each “Nourishing Heroes Meal” is a nutritious, balanced meal consisting of a protein, vegetable, and grain or starch. It is delivered in individually wrapped, to-go packaging directly to firefighters and first responders who are on the job.

Is the Nourishing Heroes meal taxed?

No, Nourishing Heroes Meals are not taxed.

Can I sign up a specific firefighter or first responder to receive Nourishing Heroes Meals?

Yes! Please suggest individual people and locations by emailing: [email protected]. Include the name and contact information for the specific firefighter or first responder that you are nominating.