At Urban Plates, we are always looking for ways to bring in special products…when they make sense. We want to bring in things that are the freshest and purest possible. One of these products is a very special kind of milk for our kids meals, and we are proud to carry it. It comes from our friends at Straus Family Creamery in Marshall, California. They are the nation’s first 100% certified organic dairy. We selected a product that is pasteurized for safety, but it is not processed beyond that. This “Cream Top” milk is as you would find it on the farm. The cream literally rises to the top. It has not been homogenized, separated or rehydrated. We give the jug a good shake before we pour a glass for a guest to ensure the cream is mixed in every portion.

Fresh milk on the farm sometimes has cream form into little lumps, but rest assured, it is always not only fresh and safe…it is delicious. This is the highest quality and it might be the first time a youngster has had milk that is in its natural state, but that is also a great chance to talk about how we process our milk and why. There is nothing wrong with low fat, non-fat or homogenized milk, but when you go out, isn’t it cool to see something you don’t see every day? It is organic, non-gmo, humanely produced, pure and minimally processed. On top of all that, it is delicious. We are very proud to serve this product, encourage all parents to taste it and drop us a line if you have any questions or comments.

In our hectic lives today, it’s nice to know a child can get a real meal. We are proud that we are offering a customer proposition that combines affordability and quality in a way that makes it possible to feed children great food without having to make it at home. We know the kids we see today are our regulars in the future, and we strive to be more than just kid friendly. We think kids are special and we brought in our Straus cream top milk just for the kids meals. Enjoy.

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