hey, from chef zac

Hey, it’s Chef Zac at Urban Plates. I’m the Executive Chef for Corporate Support. I was the opening Chef/GM in Del Mar and I assisted the opening at the Crossroads location in Irvine. I work all the restaurants now to help everyone keep up the quality standards and expectations we have set. I am in the utility player position because I have such a deep understanding of what we do and what we should be doing to keep everyone happy. It is my job to keep us on task. It is my job to make sure we don’t lose sight of what makes us special. It is my job to make sure when we put out a new menu item it is a representation of what we think is important. It is my job to guarantee that when we bring in an ingredient, I can check all the boxes and stand behind it as an advocate for our guests. It is my job to keep us connected to our People and ensure we never lose that fanatical bond. I will be carrying this blog forward and I am very excited that you are curious enough to want to know more!