ten dollar plates

wholesome meals at $10 each, all day, everyday
Value Icons

$10 Chimichurri Chicken Plate

750 cal (+150 w/ bread), dairy free & gluten free (w/o bread)

$10 Urban Grilled Chicken Salad

620 cal (+150 w/ bread), dairy free & gluten free (w/o bread)

$10 Moroccan Chicken Braise

530-590 cal, dairy free & gluten free

$10 Curry Tofu & Vegetable Braise

490-540 cal, vegan & gluten free

$10 Beets + Avocado Plant Based Bowl

720 cal, vegan, gluten free

$10 Grilled Cage Free Chicken Sandwich

690 cal (+150 w/chips), dairy free

$10 Grilled Portobello Mushroom Sandwich

720 cal (+150 w/chips), vegetarian

$10 pricing applies only to dine in and take out. Delivery prices may vary.


Urban Plates featured dish

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