brussels sprouts

True story:
I love Brussels Sprouts. However, I don’t like them frozen and boiled like so many people imagine when they hear “Brussels Sprouts.” If you are going to eat them, they need to be roasted at high heat, then sautéed with Garlic, Bacon and Olive Oil in the Tuscan style. We make it our own way by using Turkey Bacon, but it’s the same idea. When we decided to run with the recipe, someone said people won’t buy Brussels Sprouts. I was confident that what we were serving was worthy. I told everyone on the line, if you tell the guest what it is and they wrinkle their nose, put up their hand or turn their head…just give them a sample. Don’t ask, don’t wait…just give them a sample. Guess what, Brussels Sprouts are one of our biggest sellers. They are becoming mainstream, everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. We took something that people are basically afraid to eat because of a past experience and changed their mind. They are cabbage…if you eat roasted cabbage, your body will know you gave it some good food. They are hearty, filling and delicious in addition to being nutritious. Win, win, win.