To change the way the world eats

We are passionate about changing the way the world eats and we strive toward this goal. We make fresh, wholesome and delicious food at an affordable price. Real food that tastes good, is good and feels good.

We strive to make our customers feel healthier, smarter and better about themselves.


We don’t believe in short-cuts, which is why we make all our food from scratch every day. From salads to braises to pastries. It all happens right here in our restaurant in our open kitchen. Everything. Everyday. From scratch. We spent the better part of two years touring restaurants around the country to see who was doing food right. While many fast casual restaurants had bits and pieces right, none had evolved into the right solution that fits our lifestyles. So we took the best of what we observed, coupled with our decades of combined experience in the food industry and our absolute passion for high quality food grown in a sustainable fashion, and created Urban Plates. With our dedicated employees at our side sharing our passion and vision, we sincerely believe that Urban Plates represents the future of how we will eat food prepared outside the home and will quickly become an integral part of our eating experiences. We are dedicated to providing our guests with foods made from scratch using high quality natural and organic ingredients where it makes sense for our customers—-all at affordable prices. We will do our very best to make our guests instantly comfortable and welcome in our restaurant. Whether our guest chooses to dine in or carry out, we will always try and provide a personal touch for each guest...