Our Secret? There isn’t one.

Our Secret? There isn’t one.

Urban Plates is like no other restaurant—not because we know something other restaurants don’t, but because we’re willing to do what they won’t. We take the time to make everything from scratch in house every day. We spend more to source the finest sustainably sourced ingredients. We plan our menus around the seasons to ensure every dish is at its freshest, and stand behind every meal we serve.

We do all of these things, and more, not because it’s efficient or easy. We do them because it’s right, and because we’re passionate about the partnerships we form, the guests we serve and the food we make from scratch each day. We prepare every meal for each of our guests like we would for our own family, putting careful thought into what every ingredient brings to each dish. A little spice. A bit of crunch. An antioxidant kick. They all come together to form delicious meals that are better for our bodies, our spirit and our environment. And that makes for a better world.

If you’re looking for a restaurant that satisfies your soul as well as your appetite, we’re here for you.

"Urban Plates was created for an unmet need.”

We believe you shouldn’t have to choose between a delicious meal and a fast one, or between eating well and staying within budget. At Urban Plates, we created a place where high-quality meals are served fast at prices that won’t break the bank, all in a setting where you can see your food being prepared and have a voice in customizing it to your individual tastes.

"Scratch-made means everything.”

Look into our open kitchen, and what do you see? Our culinary team chopping, braising, sautéing and making every meal from scratch every single day. From an entire case of scratch-made desserts to little things like mayonnaise and salad dressings, we’re committed to making everything in house.

“We want people to sit in our restaurant and feel like it’s an extension of their own kitchen.”

If you care about food, you probably cook at home. And when you do, you use quality ingredients, prepare them simply to accent their natural flavors and enjoy them casually and comfortably. You’ll find the same thing here, only it’ll be our chefs doing the cooking and our Team doing the cleaning, so you’re free to just kick back and relax in your home (and kitchen) away from home.

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